Thank you for stopping at this page for a little potted history about our love for this area.

Angus and I have been visiting the North West Highlands for over 30 years. Captivating landscapes drawing us back, scenic driving and walking routes lingering in our mind, the work of local artists and our own photographic journey making their way in to our home.

With so many beautiful areas of the North West Highlands to explore we took a trip along the Wee Mad Road, from Lochinver to Achiltibuie, during a holiday with our eldest two children in 2003, to visit the Hydroponicum; sadly no longer there. It was a memorable, educational and fun day for all. We absorbed our surroundings, acquired more art and captured many photos. It wasn’t too much longer before we were back in the area, with three children this time, on our first visit to Reiff Steading. It was during this family holiday in 2009 that we all fell in love with the location and surroundings of Coigach. Hobbies and interests catered for; this became our idyllic family holiday destination. Sea fishing from the flat rock, a fly cast from ‘Monty’ in to Loch Osgaig, savouring locally caught prawns, exploring lochs in a canoe, climbs up Stac Pollaidh, walks on the Islands, and days spent on the beaches of Achnahaird and Reiff. Memories and experiences from those trips were reminisced about and when the time arrived to discuss the annual holiday there was always a resounding ‘lets go back to Reiff’! So, it became our annual, sometimes biannual, pilgrimage.

During a period living in the Middle East and whilst searching for a home in the Scottish Highlands, Reiff Steading came on the market!!! We made an offer and sold our existing home. Fortunately, our offer was accepted and we became the owners of Reiff Steading in April 2019.

Our knowledge of the area and community, along with our expansive photo library have been invaluable in populating the imagery and content for our website. The beautiful location and our photos have influenced the inspiration for the interior. Guests to Reiff Steading will also notice influences throughout the house from our time spent overseas.

Reiff Steading continues to be the idyllic, welcoming, cosy home we experienced on our first visit many years ago. This combined with our recent carefully considered upgrades are what keep our guests coming back and entice new guests to visit and immerse themselves in this most special of places in the remote Highlands of Scotland.

We often wonder…….what would the previous occupants make of the transformation of the steading; from cow shed to idyllic holiday home!

Our Values

Who doesn’t love the therapeutic benefits that come from spending time by the sea? Waves that lull you in to a relaxed state. Beautiful sights and sounds of coastal birds and wildlife. Relaxing walks along the beach. Time spent searching rock pools. All beneficial for our own health and wellbeing, important we look after and protect it.

The Summer Isles and southern coast of the Coigach peninsula form a major part of the Marine Protected Area (MPA) which monitors the marine environment, through sustainable management of our seas. Many local and national organisations are involved in helping keep our seas healthy and pollution free including; Ullapool Sea Savers, Scottish Wildlife Trust, Marine Conservation Society and Ocean Generation. If we all play our part we too can assist with the protection of our coastal ecosystem.

Having a home in an area of outstanding natural beauty we feel a strong responsibility to look after and protect the environment. Since our start-up in 2019 we have supplied eco cleaning and toiletries for our guests’ use. In 2020 we introduced litter-pickers and buckets to encourage guests to do their own mini beach clean. We also have plant pots from Ocean Plastic Pots; an amazing brand who make pots from old fishing net. The pots are built to last but can be recycled again creating a circular economy.

This year, encouraged by the work of young local conservationists; Ullapool Sea Savers, we donated a percentage of our 2020 income, to help them in their work to raise awareness of the challenges facing the local marine environment.

Small steps for a small business which we hope will contribute to protecting an area that is special to us and to all those who visit.

Ruth and Angus xx